Plantation shutters are the most excellent choice for your window treatments. Most people love them due to their high quality, attractiveness, and functionality.   The minute you consider buying interior shutters, you will notice that there is a wide variety of plantation shutters to choose from.  It is imperative to note that you can purchase plantation shutters either as stock units or custom units that are uniquely designed to fit your windows. Basswood, Poplar, Maple, and Vinyl are the most common materials used to make plantation shutters. 

I hope it is therefore not surprising for you to know that each material comes with it is different levels of quality and price range from PVC shutters to customized wood plantation shutters.  This editorial will seek to enlighten you on the best choice of plantation shutter for your house.   To begin with, we shall consider the advantages and disadvantages of the most highly used plantation shutter materials. 

 Vinyl is the most economical affordable plantation shutter material.  The major advantage of using PVC shutters is that first, they are widely available and two is that they will not require a finish after installation unlike the other types of louvers.   However, on the disadvantage side, vinyl shutters do not offer the much-needed beauty and warmth to the house like wooden shutters.  Another demerit of them is that they are usually of the lowest quality in the marketplace. Hence if you are indeed considering to buy PVC shutters, it is vital to note that affordability does not often mean value, visit website here! 

  The most common types of woods that people use in the making of interior shutters are Basswood and Poplar.   They are typically light and relatively soft when you compare them to other hard woods such as Oak and Maple. 

 When it comes to Basswood, you can either paint it or stain it during the finish, but for Poplar, you will only paint it and not stain it since its color is usually not uniform.  The color of Poplar normally ranges from white to green and from green to almost purple.   However since Poplar and Basswood are soft and susceptible to dings and dents they are not perfect for the large window openings.  They will require extra rails or stiles to reinforce rigidity when used for large windows. 

  Maple hardwood plantation shutters do represent the highest level of quality and value in today's world.  Although the initial cost of buying louvers made from maple is greater compared to those of Basswood or Poplar shutter their manufacturing quality is superior compared to the others.   There is also a high chance that Maple shutters will outlast all the other affordable shutters in the marketplace, go here to know more! 


 Hence it is safe to say that though the initial cost of purchasing quality plantation shutters from Maple, Oak and Mahogany is high, the lifetime value of these shutters will exceed by far those made of cheaper alternatives. Therefore, you should buy shutters made from Maple, Oak or Mahogany.